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Most thrilling moment of my life! Promoted as AGK chair Professor of Marketing, MICA, India.  I am honored and humbled, as AGK was a legend of advertising and founder of MICA, India.



Delighted to publish a paper on consumer self discovery with augmented reality at none other than, Journal of Consumer Behaviour, wonderful “A” Journal. Contributing significantly to our marketing discipline in one of my favorite area, consumer behavior makes me happy 😊 these results enables global scholars and industry to get ready for the Digital World.

Happy to contribute a significant global paper that would help our consumer behavior discipline to extend the knowledge further. We diligently worked on this manuscript for three years and finally got acceptance at amazing Journal, journal of consumer behavior, “A” journal. Extremely grateful to my wonderful coauthors; Jacqueline Eastman Raj and Jim. Such a spectacular team!


Re-imagining Educational Futures in Developing Countries : Lessons from Global Health Crises Hardcover – Import, 15 February 2022

by Emmanuel Mogaji (Editor), Varsha Jain (Editor), Felix Maringe (Editor), Robert Ebo Hinson (Editor)

About Prof. Jain

Prof. Varsha Jain, Ph.D., is a globally renowned Professor in the area of Integrated Marketing Communications and the Co-chairperson, Research and FPM (Doctoral Program) at MICA (India). 

Prof. Varsha Jain has over 19+ years of experience in teaching and research. She has authored over 100+ publications in international, national, and trade journals, book chapters, and case study collections at Ivey, Emerald, and Kotler’s marketing management book.

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Parth Sanjay Salunke Doctoral Scholar – First Year – MICA, India

"I never thought of an institution for a doctoral program, but I thought of a mentor. Working under Prof. Jain was a dream. Each day she encourages me to explore, deep dive into interest areas, and guide me to develop my kingdom. She is approachable, supportive, and ushers' creativity & critical thinking for extending theories with her scholars."

    Gourav Roy Doctoral Scholar – Second Year – MICA, India

    "Prof. Jain has helped me in understanding research and conceptualizing research. She has encouraged me to be a passionate scholar, and her experience helps to understand the world of academia. I look forward to learning more from her."

      Amrita Chakraborty Doctoral Scholar – Second Year – MICA, India

      "Prof. Jain is an exceptional, inspiring, and caring mentor who has helped me to build and enhance my research skills at a theoretical level along with its application through her research."


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        About Prof. Jain

        Prof. Varsha Jain, Ph.D., is a globally renowned Professor in the area of Integrated Marketing Communications and the Co-chairperson